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FDR – A History Lesson in Miniature

FDR – A History Lesson in Miniature   Using Miniatures for Education This project was inspired by the sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) by Terrible Kids Stuff. Not only was the unique approach to the subject matter captivating, but the immersion into the history of the character became a journey in itself. I decided that in my research of the character, I wanted to embed some of those facts into the piece. Terrible Kids Stuff – ROOSEVELT Category: Gangster’s Planet Concept: Andrea Jula Sculptor: Benoit Cauchies Painter(Boxart): Fabrizio Russo Material: White Metal Pieces: 17 Scale: 1:32 (54mm) The History Lesson...


Archangel Commission piece: PRIVATE COLLECTOR   SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer: Privateer Press Hordes Army Faction: Legion of Everblight Classification: Gargantuan Resin and Metal parts Base Dimensions: 120mm Materials used: Acrylics Washes Water Colour pencils Varnishes Tools: Airbrush and brush Fully converted base with customised snow: – made with snow flock, glass filings and bicarbonate of soda mix and varnishes, with shards of granite for rock outcrops. The client wanted a similar colour scheme to the one on the box but was willing to consider suggestions. After reading up on the character within...

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter MASSIVE VOODOO INFINITY CONTEST – SILVER/2nd PLACE   SPECIFICATIONS                                            COMPETITION GUIDELINES As a huge fan of Roman Lappat, and his work on the Massive Voodoo Blog, I am always intrigued by the direction that they constantly take miniature painting. Always pushing the boundaries and exploring, their previous contests have been unique and fun. With this contest, the call was made to enter the first category of this contest which was to repaint a Disney Infinity Character from the PS4 game. There were no restrictions as to what we could paint and how...


Biff WILDSTORM STUDIO PROJECT   SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer: Terrible Kids Stuff Steampunk 54mm Original title: Rudolf “Steelarm” Biff Illustrator: Paolo Parente Sculptor: Raul Garcia Latorre Metal (Additional materials added for customisation: guitar wire, copper & brass wire) Dimensions: 54mm (1:32 scale) The vision for the piece was very clear when I received Biff, it seemed to come naturally and clear. I wanted to have Biff, standing outside his own saloon, proprietor of this here establishment. The question is whether he obtained it through legal means is up for public...

Steampunk Alien Grey

Steampunk Alien Grey WILDSTORM STUDIO PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer: Black Sun Miniatures – Steampunk 32mm Sculptor: David Summers Concept: David Michael Wright Number of Parts: 4 (includes scenic base) Material: Resin Casting: GRX Creations Dimensions: 33mm to eye level (43mm to top of hat) This little fella was a gift from my beautiful wife for Xmas. He had arrived along with some friends but he stood out as he was my wife’s personal selection. The figure is fun, with an interesting interpretation of the genre and the usual Alien grey appearance. He wears a pinstripe suit and a top hat!!! In...

Dozer and Smigg

Dozer and Smigg ‘EADBANGER PAINTING CONTEST – 3rd PLACE LARGE/VEHICLE CATEGORY COMPETITION GUIDELINES This project was originally intended for a fun paint off challenge between myself and a very good friend and owner of The Warren Hobby Shop in Somerset West. We had both seemed to get our copies of the Dozer & Smigg model at roughly the same time and with our competitive spirit, we decided to create a paint off. Early on during the project the Facebook group; ‘Eadbanger”, launched its annual painting contest. Since the deadline for the contest fell within a few days of the deadline for the paint off,...

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