Product Review: Klukva Miniatures – Beast Warrior

Here we have the second review of the three models Klukva Miniatures kindly sent us. So we are pleased to present Beast Warrior.

The Package



Here is where we would normally analyse the packaging but since we did a full review of the package in our previous article, and since they were all included in the same package, we feel it unnecessary to repeat the review here. If you’d like to read our review of the package please read our previous article titled the “Barbarian Dude”



The Model

Next, what most of you are waiting for, the review on the model! For some, you might be thinking this looks very familiar……. let it sink in…… and there’s the click! Yes, it resembles Zodd the Immortal from Berserk. We can just imagine some of you ignoring the rest of the review and going onto Klukva Miniatures to get your very own Beast Warrior. Enjoy!

For those who decided to carry on reading, Beast Warrior comes in 5 pieces, the body, fur cloak, sword, axe and an axe quiver. A base is also included. One thing that Klukva Miniatures are well known for is that their models are always riddled with detail, and no exception was spared on Beast Warrior. From the veins on his hands, the wood grain on the axe handle, the tiny fingernails to the exaggeration of muscle as if it was sculpted by Michelangelo himself. Truly spectacular and only at €14 (R224 exchange rate taken on the 04/10/18) you cannot go wrong with this model.


Beast Warrior stands in a very dominating static pose and at a full height of 57mm including his base. Due to this static pose, arms straight and weapons crossed, not much if nothing can be converted on the model. The only possibility would to omit his fur cloak although this would make it look like Beast Warrior is wearing a fur shawl. We do recommend the cloak though because it does add some movement to the model as it bellows in the wind.



Once again we can only say extraordinary things about the quality of Klukva Miniatures models. We can see they really pride themselves on producing top quality resin models. WildStorm Studios tends to get up close and personal with miniatures as we look for any faults, and all we found was NO mold lines and NO bubbles on Beast Warrior. The only thing needed is minor clean-up of flash resin pieces here and there, and a soapy bath to clean off the releasing agent and he is ready for painting.


How it comes together…


The parts of the model fit beautifully together. The hands and quiver use a lock and key slot to fit together and the cloak fits in underneath the top part of the fur cloak sculpted on the body. This is where we found the only bit of work needed. The seam between the two does not close snuggly on one side. This means either a bit of gap filling and sculpting needed or possibly just a bit of sanding to fit the two pieces together.



The difficulty of this model, we would say, is for a beginner with a little bit of hobby experience already and looking to up their game and try something more challenging. Even though the model is small and detail is a lot the majority of the model is covered in fur which makes it easier to paint (i.e. dry brushing) especially for a beginner going onto intermediate. Although, intermediate to advance painters do not despair you guys will still have loads of fun with this model and turn it into a work of art.





WildStorm Studios definitely recommends Beast Warrior to you. Klukva Miniatures has produced yet another outstanding model to add to your collection. Make sure to get yours HERE.


Mieke (Monkeymeeks)


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