Product Review: V3 Series Miniature Holders from RATHCORE

“Rathcore and PK-Pro present the revolutionary V3Series Miniature Holder System. A smart system for painting and sculpting, tabletop or board game miniatures. Ergonomic, comfortable and more precise.”


The name Stephan Rath has been synonymous in the world of miniature painting for many years. His incredible freehand designs, award-winning miniatures, admired across the globe.



Taking inspiration from his own experiences painting miniatures and listening to the greater hobby community, Stephan created the Miniature Holder or V1. After numerous successful Kickstarter campaigns and the retail of these earlier concepts via the PK-PRO store, Stephan has been able to improve on his original design and this has culminated in the V3 Series under review here.

The V3:

Firstly, this tool has helped me improve my painting by leaps and bounds due to its ingenious solution for those pesky little miniatures we all love to paint. Let’s first describe each of the different products available.

Using the picture on the left, we see the range of options available for the miniature grip system. From left to right the first three items are the miniature holder with the various size armatures available. The first being a 120mm, the second a 90mm, and the smallest being the 60mm armature. All of these are ideal for working with miniatures ranging from 110mm to 28mm. The last item on the furthest right is the miniature grip holder. This item allows for a more ergonomic design for ease of use. This item is designed to allow any of the armature lengths to be attached dependant on the size of the model you are working on. This means that with the purchase of one miniature holder, and one miniature grip, along with the three different armatures, a modeller has the full miniature grip system at their disposal.

The additional items available for the miniature grip system are the ingenious cork adaptors. Seen here in the picture to the left, these allow for models that are already attached to their bases whether square or round. This means that gamers can assemble their pieces onto the base without fear of the miniature no longer being adaptable to the grip system.



What can I say:

After having put these products through their paces utilising various models and sizes, I can unashamedly say that the V3 Miniature grip system is the best product of its kind on the market. One of the real benefits, coming from long painting sessions, no longer being so laborious on the wrist and fingers of painters. The ergonomic design not only allows for comfort but a suitable grip of the model when turning it into strange positions to obtain access of hard to reach parts of the model. The armature then providing a suitable resting position, for the ideal brush control, in those hard to reach areas.

Here we have a perfect example of the current trends when holding models. We use corks from wine bottles and old paint pots. Spray can lids, lipstick rods and even offcuts of plumbing have been used and all to good effect.

Unfortunately, this has its shortfalls. They are prone to falling over and putting fragile pieces at risk of breaking during painting. Most wine corks are not perfectly level and thus painters tend to grit their teeth with wobbly corks. This is not to say that these solutions are not excellent, as they have been used for many years thus far and I believe the V3 miniature grip system to have been born from these solutions.

Here we see the position taken by most hobbyists when painting from a cork. Due to the small circumference of the cork and the minimal resting position for the paintbrush hand, our centre of comfort is strained. With the added difficulty of getting a resting position as close to the model as possible is evident. This generally leads to the painter having to rest his/her fingers on the model for support. Something one strives to avoid during the painting process.

Here we see the miniature holder at work. The circumference of the holder is slightly wider than a cork thus allowing for better grip and comfort when working.

It is perfectly flat and thus leaves the painter with no concerns when placing the model down.

Even when turning the model upside down for reaching those pesky areas, the grip is comfortable while maintaining complete control.

Using the armature, the true genius of the V3 miniature grip system comes into play. The armature allows for closer control to the model while also providing a comfortable resting position for the painter without touching the surface of the model. It is with this feature that I have experienced the biggest improvement in my painting. Being able to bring control and support to the closest position on the model is invaluable when trying special techniques such as freehand.

In Conclusion:

The V3 Miniature grip holder system is an absolute must for painters who want to take their painting skills to the next level. Although all the solutions we stated before, corks, spray can lids work incredibly well, it’s the shortfalls addressed by the V3 system that allows for greater improvement of one’s skills.

We at Wildstorm cannot express enough the benefits of the system and the high quality of the product. Did we mention that it comes in different wood finishes allowing for a choice of beech or the dark wood finish?

Wildstorm will endeavour to get our hands on more of these products when they become available later this month. If you are interested in this system and would like to place an order please contact us on

Keep painting up a Storm!

Richard (Sensei)

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