Product Review: Klukva Miniatures – Barbarian Dude

Klukva Miniatures has done it once again. They have released some amazing and characterful models recently, and all of them give you a sense of nostalgia.

Klukva Miniatures has kindly sent us (Wildstorm Studios) 3 of their recent releases for review, and we were really excited to have received Barbarian Dude, Beast Warrior and Mighty Ed. Each will receive their own review, and we will start with the Barbarian Dude.

The Package

Before we go into detail with the model, let’s talk about how the package arrived. This is important to us and we feel it is essential to a review so that our readers can be assured that their model will arrive safely at their door.

Wildstorm Studios is based in sunny South Africa, so we are always concerned our precious models get lost and/or broken along the way. Klukva Miniatures did a fantastic job in packaging these 3 models. All of them, including their bases, fits snuggly into the iconic laser-cut wooden box, with the Klukva Miniatures stamp of approval sticker. Included within is a little bit of cotton wool, the models seem to have a snug fit and no movement from within the box could be heard when we shook it (lightly of course!). We do however feel that if only one model were inside we hope that more cotton wool would have been added to prevent shifting of the single model.

Unfortunately, there was a fault with the box, it seems that the glue which holds the walls of the box together gave away and the box collapsed open once the string that keeps the lid closed was removed. The walls popped off as if it was revealing important contents, although this was aesthetically pleasing we assumed this was not intended. Regardless all the contents were still intact. All in all, though we are still very pleased with the packaging, and would recommend Klukva Miniatures consider a stronger adhesive for the walls of the box.


The Model

Right, on with the model, as we said earlier we will start with the Barbarian Dude. To some, he may look very familiar, and yes you are right that is the limited edition model you are thinking about! Klukva Miniatures had the opportunity to buy the rights and jumped on that train. Thus they are able to bring us Barbarian Dude.


They didn’t just stop there though; they added extra options to the sculpt for us to play around with. With 3 options of weapons a long sword, a battle axe or a battle hammer. Also, options to add or omit a shield and/or a fur coat, one can really create a barbarian of your choosing. All these options have fantastic detail on them, from battle damage to individual fur tufts it is going to be a tough choice to decide what goes were and what doesn’t. Good luck!


At first glance, the size of the model with all the detail entwined on it gets one really giddy. This brave, battle-experienced Barbarian Dude stands at a majestic 39mm. Even though he still packs an unimaginable amount of detail, something that Klukva Miniatures has mastered with their models, tiny but detailed! A base is included with this model which will push the full height of the model to 44mm if it is used, but with all the character of this model, it needs a display base in our honest opinion.

Quantity and Quality


The whole assembly of the model comes in 8 parts, with a very, VERY small ponytail, be sure not to miss it as it almost looked like a piece of flash. Each piece is immaculate, no bubbles, no miss cast and to be completely real, NO mould lines, trust us we searched and couldn’t find any. There is still some cleaning up needed on some parts where small bits of resin are still attached. A little bit of gap filling will be needed between certain gaps, especially by the weapon contact points to create that perfect finish. We want to add though that these gaps are so small we think that it could possibly be specific to our model alone and that your model might not even have an issue. Other than that a lukewarm soapy bath to clean off the resin releasing agent and the barbarian is ready for some paint.

Difficulty of the Model


Conversion on this model (apart from the options given from the multiple extra parts) is limited, due to the strong static pose and small size. If you feel you are confident enough and experienced then nothing stops you, although why would you want to convert this beautiful model?

We recommend this model for intermediates and above as the amount of incredible sculpted flesh and detail lends to the more experienced hand. An excellent exercise piece, for textures and various materials like skin, fur, wood etc.



This amazing little model is being sold on the Klukva Miniatures site for €13 (ZAR 228.95, exchange rate taken on the 07/09/2018) without shipping. This is well worth the price for all the extra’s given with this model. You are able to get him HERE


We cannot really fault this model at all, except maybe on the technical ability needed to assemble and paint this wonderful model. Other than that it is pretty flawless and we commend Klukva Miniatures on this. Wildstorm Studios highly recommends that you get your hands on a Barbarian Dude!

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