ThunderBrush 2018

ThunderBrush 2018

In our continuing efforts to grow the community and broaden the marketplace, WILDSTORM STUDIOS introduces its next exciting venture; South Africa’s premier Miniature Painting Contest, THUNDERBRUSH 2018.

DATE: 8 SEPTEMBER 2018 – ThunderBrush Miniature Competition

           9 SEPTEMBER 2018 – FREE Painting Class

WHERE: STELCON 2018 at Stellenbosch Town Hall

The Brief

Enter WILDSTORM STUDIOS first painting competition for your chance to win prizes and showcase your miniature figure arts.


REGISTRATION: 10am -11:30am, hand in your models for judging.

VIEWING AND JUDGING: 11:30am – 01:30pm

FIRST CUT: 01:30pm – 02:00pm

SECOND VIEWING: 02:00pm – 03:00pm


Our Sponsors

We are very proud to announce that we have gotten great support from our local stores on this new adventure of ours.

Pandemonium Games

Pandemonium Games Facebook Page


Imperium Games

Imperium Games Facebook Page


The Warren Somerset West

The Warren Somerset West Facebook Page

Battle Bunker Tygervalley

Battle Bunker Tygervalley Facebook Page


Terrible Kids Stuff

Terrible Kids Stuff Facebook Page



Rathcore Facebook Page


RobotRocket Miniatures

RobotRocket Miniature Facebook Page


Scale 75

Scale 75 Facebook Page


Iron Brand

Iron Bran Facebook Page

Durbanville Games

Durbanville Games Facebook Page


Please see below all the details of the competition such as levels, categories, restrictions, more on the sponsors and prizes. We will be releasing information as we the week passes. 

Rules and Restriction for ThunderBrush

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Rules and Restriction for ThunderBrush

A FEW RULES FOR THUNDERBRUSH     All sponsors and their employees are ineligible for the SINGLE and LARGE category entries. Due to the broad nature of the OPEN category and to not limit passionate artists from competing, all sponsors and their employees may enter this category only.   WHAT RESTRICTIONS APPLY? Entries must be painted entirely by the person entering them in the competition. Someone else may help sculpt or convert the figure, but may not assist with the painting Entries may not have been previously submitted to any in person or...

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Levels and Categories for ThunderBrush

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Levels and Categories for ThunderBrush

  Have a look at all our levels and categories for Thunderbrush, remember there is also an online category so don’t worry about not being able to make Stelcon on the 8th of September 2018 in Stellenbosch. WildStorm Thunderbrush Competition Levels and Categories   LEVELS: For each of the category types (SINGLE and LARGE/MONSTER and OPEN), WILDSTORM STUDIOS splits the entries into a VETERANS level and a BEGINNERS level. Enter the VETERANS level if you have more than 2 years of experience and older than 16 years of age.   Enter the...

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Judging Criteria for ThunderBrush

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Judging Criteria for ThunderBrush

JUDGING CRITERIA     WHO ARE THE JUDGES? The WildStorm Studios team and our guest judges will judge the entries based on the hobby’s standards as experienced abroad. We are being joined by representatives of the sponsors who all have a wealth of experience and passion for the hobby. The lead judge will be Richard Cordeiro, award-winning artist and founding member of WildStorm Studios, a passionate supporter of the hobby and the art form. Mieke Hough, the other half of WildStorm Studios, dedicated hobbyist and protégé, who will oversee the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

THUNDERBRUSH F.A.Q   Q: How do I know what level I should enter? Beginner or Master Level? A: Use your better judgement. Although the guidelines mention years within the hobby, AGE will play a role as well as your skill level. Also remember that the rules clearly state that the judges reserve the right to move an entry from Beginners to Master should they feel that your skill level is far superior to Beginners. Rather try giving yourself motivation to compete at the Master level should you feel that you are up to the challenge. The rules also...

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