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Commission piece: PRIVATE COLLECTOR



Privateer Press

Hordes Army


Legion of Everblight



Resin and Metal parts

Base Dimensions:


Materials used:



Water Colour pencils



Airbrush and brush

Fully converted base with customised snow: – made with snow flock, glass filings and bicarbonate of soda mix and varnishes, with shards of granite for rock outcrops.

The client wanted a similar colour scheme to the one on the box but was willing to consider suggestions. After reading up on the character within the context of that universe I slowly envisioned the outcome of the piece in my mind. The creature seemed to be a tortured soul that had manifested into the monstrous character we are presented with. I wanted the skin that had a lot of texture and life, to be representative of its musculature forming this dense and tough hide around the creature, its original skin evolving into the wings, its muscles it’s tough hide. It goes without saying that the creatures original skeletal structure then evolved into the carapace and spinal protrusions that have become evident throughout the figure.

This was Windstorm’s first large-scale commission and an absolute joy to get lost in but a challenge none the less. Many processes and steps can be improved upon and sped up to ensure a faster completion of some of the processes. We look forward to another opportunity to paint a large scale figure.