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Mad Hatter





As a huge fan of Roman Lappat, and his work on the Massive Voodoo Blog, I am always intrigued by the direction that they constantly take miniature painting. Always pushing the boundaries and exploring, their previous contests have been unique and fun.

With this contest, the call was made to enter the first category of this contest which was to repaint a Disney Infinity Character from the PS4 game. There were no restrictions as to what we could paint and how far we could take the project, as long as the figure is prominent.


Every so often a project pours from your mind and the vision and ideas are so strong that the journey to complete the project is an adventure. I had so much fun with this project; I have no memory of struggle or apprehension when tackling certain techniques and concepts.

Ultimately I wanted the mad hatter on the very table for the tea party and the cards and other items on the table spread out before him. To reinforce the narrative I sculpted a cookie, and a cupcake using air drying clay, and used a small glass bottle I purchased at a local art store for the two memorable items from the Alice in Wonderland story; EAT ME and DRINK ME

The playing cards were designed and printed by a very good friend of mine who did wonderful work even placing the Wildstorm logo on the card backs!! It was a wonderful collaboration. After being printed they were varnished onto styrene sheet and filed to shape.

The project is littered with UV paint that hides a unique view of the madness that is the Hatter. Small little touches are littered throughout with my favourite being the small MV on his scarf for Massive Voodoo.

Completed using acrylics and inks with an airbrush and paintbrush.

I was very proud to have achieved second place.

Richard Cordeiro (Sensei)